"This meeting should have been a hivemind."

Hivemind is a productivity tool to help groups of people reach a consensus on decisions together.

It works as a ranked choice voting system, more specifically a Condorcet voting system.

Participants submit their opinions as a ranked list instead of simply voting for a single option.

To calculate the results, each option is compared against every other option based on the opinions of every participant. By counting the number of times an option wins and loses, a consensus score between 0 and 100 is calculated. This information is then used to sort the options by the highest consensus score.

You can also use the Hivemind app as a brainstorming tool!

Hivemind is available for free to download on the Google Play store.


How to use Hivemind

Step 1: Create

Create a new hivemind with a clear name and optionally a short description and/or tags.

Enter the question you want to ask the participants of the hivemind and select the type of answer, this can be a text, a number or simply Yes/No.

For each type of answer you can specify certain constraints if you want, such a minimum or maximum length or value.

Step 2: Share

Add participants to the hivemind by sharing the ID of the hivemind via a QR code or by sending it via email.

You can do this by clicking on the icons next to the name of the hivemind.

Step 3: Add options

Each participant can now add new options to the hivemind by clicking the "add option" button.

If constraints are set then each option will be checked to verify the option is a valid answer for the hivemind.

Step 4: Submit opinion

For text hiveminds you will see 2 columns: Unranked and Ranked.

Simply click the options in the Unranked column in your preferred order to move them to the Ranked column. You can also drag and drop the options in the Ranked column to change the ranking.

For number hiveminds you can select an auto ranking by chosing the option that is closest to your preference and the app will auto complete your ranking even if new options are added later.

In Yes/No hiveminds all you need to do is select your choice.

When you are satisfied with your ranking, click the "Update opinion" button.




Ask any question

You can create a hivemind for any situation where a group of people need to make a decision together.

There are 3 types of hiveminds depending on what the answer needs to be: it can be a piece of text, a number or simply yes/no.

Realtime results

Whenever someone updates their opinion, the results are calculated again so you always have the most up-to-date state of a hivemind.


Change your opinion

Whether you have changed your mind because of new information or because a new option has been added, you can always update your opinion.


All data is stored on the InterPlanetary FileSystem (IPFS). This means that all data is publicly available and can not be modified by anyone.

You can see each participants' opinion and the app also shows analysis of each option by listing its position in each participants' opinion.



A hivemind does not need to have an end. Participants can update their opinion or even add new options at any time, even if people have already submitted their opinion.

Cryptographically secure

By using the same cryptography as Bitcoin, opinions are digitally signed and can only be modified by whoever has the private key of that Bitcoin address.


Easy to use

Simply click options in your preferred order or drag-and-drop them to reorder your ranking.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

All voting data is public, shouldn't votes be secret?

It is important to remember the intended use-case for this app: it is meant to be used by small groups of people who are familiar with eachother, such as a team in a company, a group of friends, a family or members of a non-profit organisation. Using this app is similar to publicly raising your hand in a meeting to vote on a proposal.

The public nature is also essential for certain features of the app such as the ability to add new options or to change your opinion at any time.

Finally, public votes make it very obvious if someone is trying to manipulate the results.

Can the Hivemind app be used for national elections?

No. Absolutely not.

Do I need Bitcoin to use Hivemind?

No, you do not need any Bitcoin, it is completely free. The app uses the same cryptography as Bitcoin to secure all votes, all you need is a Bitcoin address and its private key. For privacy reasons we recommend strongly to not receive or send any Bitcoin to the address used in the app.